Conscious Empowerment

Our empowerment roadmap towards a sustainable development.

We believe it is possible to grow and provide better products.Improving business in a more ethical and valuable way.
Since 2011 we pursue the strategic goal of a sustainable development with a holistic approach that includes:


We produce exclusively in Italy, relying on a local supply chain to guarantee fair wages, safety and health conditions above average standards for a Social sustainability.
We believe in the transition towards a circular economy.

We design and produce fabrics made from recycled polyamide and polyester.
Our aim is to extend product's life cycle, reducing wastes and minimizing the use of resources.

We have chosen to achieve an Economic Sustainability through fair growth and profit.
We have adopted a Chemical Management protocol, in line with ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme.
or a cleaner planet and a brighter future.
Our supply chain is fully mapped to identify and manage any chemical risk.

Our Environmental Sustainability vision is leading us to the research new solutions to preserve Human health and protect the environment.

“You can call it eco-fashion,We call it common sense."


4Sustainability - Gruppocinque

Growth and sustainability are the factors for which we want to stand out, founding our strategy on the belief that ethical approach should characterize our business model. We firmly believe there cannot be a long-term economic development without a social and environmental development. Inspired to and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda (SDGs), we’re committed to contributing to the generation of global positive change, assuming a clear environmental and social responsibility. We do it concretely by joining the 4sustainability® roadmap, making the values and action programs it embodies our own, committing ourselves to starting a virtuous change journey in our business model, through one or more initiatives that we tell in this e-report.